In Colombia, thanks to laws 142 and 143 of 1994, the regulatory framework was defined and drawn up to develop the electric power market. The agents that make up the market are part of four activities: Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply.

This separation of activities allowed free access and competition, especially in Generations and Supply activities, allowing users to choose the latter.

User Types:

According to CREG resolution 131 of 1998, users are classified as:

  • Regulated: Consumption ˂ 55,000 kWh / month, is governed by regulated tariffs from its marketer.
  • Deregulated: Consumption >55,000 kWh/month and / or instant load > 100 kW. You can negotiate the Generation and Supply components of the tariff.

Tariff composition:

CU ($/kWh) = G + T + D + C + PR + R

CU: Unit Cost ($/kWh)

  • G: Generation

  • D: Distribution

  • T: Transmission

  • PR: Losses
  • C: Supply

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